Welcome to MACRO 2022!

2022 will mark the first time Canada will play host to a World Polymer Congress since it became a biennial event in 1998. The polymer science communities in Canada look forward to joining you at the 49th World Polymer Congress to be held in the city of Winnipeg from July 17th to 21st, 2022. True to its mission, MACRO 2022 will be a forum for international scientists and students who are in various stages of their career development to share knowledge and experiences. The program comprises 9 themes representing fields such as polymers for biomedical engineering, nanotechnology, physics and engineering. In addition, there will be a special technical session on biodegradation of polymers and the implications of profuse consumption and disposal of PPEs, phenomena that pose challenge to scientists, policy makers, the industrial community, and consumers. There will be 4 plenary speakers, 2 Awards lectures, and a number of keynote speakers throughout the program. Winnipeg may be a new travel destination to some of you. However, Winnipeg may very well have been a part of your lives directly or indirectly for quite some time. For example, the coins that are jingling in your pocket may have been minted in Winnipeg; the police dogs in your country could very well be protected by specialized tactical gear designed and manufactured in Winnipeg. Come and find out for yourselves the vibrancy of Winnipeg; we are ready to welcome you.

About Winnipeg, Canada

Winnipeg is the capital of the Province of Manitoba, Canada, located in the Central Standard Time Zone.  Pre-COVID, in 2019, Winnipeg was served by 12 airlines transporting 4.5 million passengers from 67 destinations.  The city is easily accessible from major gateways such as Toronto or Montreal from the east and Vancouver from the west.  Since the opening of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, influential media such as National Geographic, Vogue Magazine and the New York Times have paid attention to Winnipeg as a tourist destination.  In March 2021, Winnipeg earned another accolade of holding the world's largest collection of Inuit Art in the city's newest museum, Qaumajug, a stone's throw from the conference venue, the RBC Convention Centre.  

Conference Themes

  • Polymers for Biomedical Engineering
  • Polymers for Energy and Environmental Applications
  • Polymer Engineering and Processing
  • Polymers for Nanotechnology
  • Polymer Physics and Characterization
  • Polymers from Renewable Resources and Biodegradable Polymers
  • Polymer Science Education
  • Polymer Synthesis and Kinetics
  • Smart and Functional Polymers

Special Technical Sessions

  • Porous Polymers
  • The Fate of Polymers in a Changing World